363° Methodology

In our working method we put the player and his talent at the center. To allow the maximum talent potential to mature, we delve into 5 core themes and with the help of scientific insights, technology and data intelligence we create objective goals to be achieved to reach a next level. As a player, team, academy and the entire club.

The 5 core themes of the total talent approach 


Are your players checking all sides before receiving the ball, are they aware of defenders surrounding them?


How healthy are your players? We’ve got a full set of questionnaires monitoring them and also a method to teach them how to improve. For instance on building a

growth mindset!


Football is all about technique. In our Perfect Choice research we have (re-) proven that! We’ve got what it takes to help your pupils improve on technique!


While on the pitch it isn’t always easy to see for a player where he or she should position to receive the ball. With our improvement track, based on the LPM system we can help you teach the pupils to be in the right place!


Our tools to help you balance load and individual aproach of load perfectly! Our Perfect Load Dasboard in Technoleon will even help you prepare the next practice with the perfect (individual) load!