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With GenGee’s INSAIT PRO KS, we introduce a performance and data analysis system with which all dreams come true from players, coaches, analysts and scientists.

What GenGee Insait KS measures:

Football statistics:

Physical statistics:

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An Ultra Wide Band network of 6 antennas, is connected (100Hz) to small trackers that transmit heart rate and position data of players, (15x p/s). Unique is the smart ball that transmits its’ position to the network at 20hz frequence. Real-time monitoring players during training sessions and matches via consistent statistics, heat-maps, graphics and rankings on your iPad.

Download matchreports for deeper analysis of technical, tactical and physical data. Raw data (plain text) is available to develop and monitor customized data models. With the reliability of the UWB network and very powerful algorithms, INSAIT PRO KS guarantees data accuracy to the centimeter.

INSAIT PRO KS is now available for every club (amateur, pro) with full support of Forward Football analysts and movement scientists.

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