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The Perfect Load

Injury prevention is key for optimum prestation in the right moment. One of the most used tools to do so is obviously a periodisation in time. In our Perfect Load we implemented the A:C Ratio to be the key-aspect around planning practices.

Our system is, onced filled with practice-data, capable of calculating the exact load per player in your next practice. No more guessing, but evidence based planning. There is no more accurate way to build up your practices day to day. Meanwhile you can give ownership to the players by letting them fill out the RPE questionnaire after each practice, and monitor your players through the OSTRC wellness questionaire. All data is pushed to Technoleon, Next level sports data intelligence.

expected Succesful Pass

The xSP is the expected rate of succes for each individual pass in a game. The algorithm is build bij Forward Football and was initially fed by historical data. The next data that was put into the model was every game tracked in our Perfect Pass research. And still every game that we measure is added to the model in order to keep it learning.

The model is based upon the 6 parameters that you can see in the model above. The xSP is a number between 0 and 1 and rates how likely it is that a pass is going to be succesful (received yes or no by a teammate).

The xSP is then compared to the true succesfull pass (tSP). The tSP is 0 or 1, meaning the pass is received by a teammate yes (1) or no (0).

This comparison is the Pass Performance Ratio (PPR) which can objectively rate the game of each player on the pitch. Are you above 1 in this ratio? Good, you played better than xSP and have thus played a good game! If it is under 1 there is room for improvement!



1) in green
Pass player 6 to 8
– 420/600 passes succesful (historical data)
– Expected succesfull pass (xSP) = 0,7
– ‘Easy pass’

2) in red

Pass player 6 to 9
– 275/550 passes succesful (historical data)
– xSP = 0,5 (50% chance the ball is received)
– ‘Difficult pass’


True successfull passes (tSP) = 13 (match)
Expected succesfull passes (xSP) = 12,6 (model)

PPR = tSP / xSP
= 13 / 12,6
  = 1,03

Objective benchmark to judge and compare the pass performance of (a) player(s). Per game, but more interesting, the development over time.


expected Succesful Attack

Currently we are modelling the expected succesful attack. Where and when does it start? Who is involved and which passes are given?


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