#TechYourGame to the next level
Connect the INSAIT JOY App with the smart Tech.Football. Start a challenge and improve, measure and share your scores from, for example:
•. Ball control with Bounce,
•. Touch, Roll and Spin
•. Amateur to Legend (Pro) level
This high-end ball with motion sensors gives you even more fun in football and ensures maximum development of your football talent.


Develop your football technique even faster with our Connect the Insait Joy app with the Tech.Football and select one of the exercises. More than 10 exercises are offered from beginner to pro level. These exercises are provided with video tutorials and can be performed in 3 different training variants: free play, 30sec or 60sec challenges. You will receive immediate feedback after performing the exercise. This gives you a complete picture of your total performance. Your development is mapped using a clear graph.


The social aspect is becoming increasingly important in football. The Tech.Football in combination with the Insait Joy app gives this a new dimension with the help of our Social.Tech. Record all your exercises instantly with the specially designed filter. In addition, you are no longer tied to one team within your club. You can now join your favorite influencer or club team that is affiliated with Practice online with your teammates, join your favorite team’s training program and compete. Maybe you will soon fight against those teams of Ajax, Touzani or FC Creators…


Be surprised by the new football with our Our provides even more fun and challenge. This way you can achieve stars after each exercise based on the number of ball contacts, fluency and effort. If you perform the exercise more often, there is a good chance that you will quickly rise in the ranking, achieve different achievements and many badges. This way you can develop yourself from amateur to legendary star player. But will you become the number 1 in your region, peers or even in the whole world? Check your position on our online ranking in the Insait joy app.