wie zijn wij icoon

Who we are?

“Football improvement company”.


We use the most distinctive and best sport technology,  equipment innovations and high-end data-analysis (AI).

To better understand specific football problems and skills and thus present solutions that are directly applicable to the field and come from a deep understanding of a club’s DNA, style-of-play and culture.  ll to accomplish our mission:

“We improve football’

The FF Group

How we think?

“Football is more than just a game”.


Imagine all those variables that can influence player’s mind during a match.

That is why we continuously strive to see and understand the deeper meaning of skills, situations, choices, movements, space and reactions that influence the game of football. To do this, we bring together scientific insights, technology and data analysis and we connect coaches, players, scientists, data analysts, engineers, designers and other smart and creative minds to solutions that help us better understand and improve players and the game of football.

How we work

What we do?

“Full service football improvement”.


We serve football clubs, academies and associations with the help of sports technology (products, software and data models), services (data tracking, data analysis) and advice (scientific research and consultancy). We are specialized in problem recognition, analysis and solutions for talent identification and talent development. We design improvement processes in the field of technical, tactical, cognitive, visual, mental and physical skills. Our solutions serve the entire football pyramid, from recreational level to professional top level.

Services Products

How we improve football?

Watch here how we improved football in daily practice at Sparta Rotterdam youth academy, using smart LPM player and ball tracking technology.



Technoleon is our cloud based sport data intelligence software platform. Technoleon was developed from the idea to finally connects different worlds like science, data analysis, technology and the daily practice of football coaches and staff. In Technoleon we present you all data of skills tests, questionnaires, training and match performance data, predictions, etc., from the perspective of talent identification and development.

There are multiple ways to feed the Technoleon Platform:

LPM System

Player tracking system incl. ball data

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Daily, weekly or monthly list of questions

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Football Skills Tests

Tests on the area’s of awareness, Mental, Technical, Tactical and Physical

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Measure and improve your technique in ball controll skills.

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Measure daily practices and games with your individual data.

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Our Partners

Together with our strategic partners we obtain scientific insights, smart AI solutions and the latest technology innovations.