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Research projects 2019 / 2020

Club: HC & FC Victoria 1983

Equal Chances
In line with the vision of the KNVB, Forward Football would like to offer every player an equal chance to maximize their talent in football.

Now-a-days Dutch football development programmes select the most skilled players. Sometimes these players are not the most talented ones. But the clubs offer the ‘early bloomers’ more attention, better coaches and more practice days. The most talented player, which could be in the second or third team, do not get an equal chance to fulfill their potential. Less training moments, non-certified trainer and less facilities could be a reason for that.

In search for a better football development programme, Forward Football would like to measure player behaviour during match in which the best players (early bloomers) play together and during match in which early and late bloomers are mixed up. So in the future clubs can make better decisions based on their vision in their football development programme. Clubs could either mix up players during training and matches or just training sessions. 

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Status: Finished

Factsheets (NL)

AVV Zeeburgia & FC Utrecht

Talent Identification
In collaboration with avv Zeeburgia & FC Utrecht we try to identify young talents based on scientifically proven football tests. We will relate isolated tests with match data / performance. Can the outcome of isolated football passing and dribbling tests be used as a predictor for football behaviour, under pressure, during a match? And are we able to discriminate talents based on these tests? Hopefully in the future avv Zeeburgia & FC Utrecht will be able to use these tests for talent identification within the club and help their young talents to address their strengths and grow opportunities.

Status: Finished


Research projects 2018 / 2019


Sparta Rotterdam

Mindset and goal setting
In collaboration with Sparta Rotterdam we try to do the impossible. We are relating the players mindset (Carol Dweck) to football behaviour during a match. For example: Does a player with a growth mindset overcome setbacks like ball losses or a defeat more easily compared to players with a fixed mindset. Or do players with a growth mindset have an higher intensity during an easy game compared to players with a fixed mindset. According the results Sparta Rotterdam is able to select the right players for the upcoming match and is able to help the players with a more fixed mindset. 

Status: finished

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Amsterdamsche Football Club

Decision making in different playing formats
In collaboration with Amsterdamsche Football Club we are looking for the optimal small sided games related tot decision making for talented youth players of u9, u10 and u11.
In this study we try to compare different small sided games within one team. Under 9 and under 10 will play 6vs6 and 8vs8 and under 11 will not only play 8vs8 but also 11vs11. We compare football behaviour in both formats to see which playing format is optimal for youngsters of the Amsterdamsche Football Club.

Status: finished

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AVV Zeeburgia

Which age-group will benefit the most of FootballSpeed training session.
In this study we will examine the FootballSpeed of players of two different age-groups (u9 and u11) and relate it to their intensity, running speed and dribblespeed during a match. Both groups will be instructed on their movement behaviour for several weeks. At last we would like to see which age-group benefit the most of the FootballSpeed  PIT (Performance Improvement Track) so Zeeburgia is able to train their youngsters more specifically, prevent injuries and get faster players on and off the ball.

Status: finished

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Research projects 2017 / 2018


Sparta Rotterdam

Biological age and football performance
In collaboration with Sparta Rotterdam we related the effect of individual maturity status on performance in 5 different youth teams from u13 till u17. Various test were included for example the Loughborough Soccer Passing Test, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test and different speed tests. Technical (baldata) and physical data during matches were obtained by using GenGee Insait KS. According the results Sparta Rotterdam is now able to include maturity status into their youth academy.

Status: finished

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Research projects at your club?

Great that your club would like to improve football in cooperation with Forward Football. Before we are able to measure your players and do research at your club. We will need some general player information.

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