Get to know our LPM system

The most accurate (to the centimeter) ‘smart ball’ and player tracking system based on powerful UWB technology

Ask for the amazing introductory offer! Get the highest quality performance data analysis and technology, for an unbelievably low price. Forget GPS or other systems and choose the best of the best now!

Think forward, play forward & Tech your club to the next level!

Fully integrated with sports data intelligence platform Technoleon. All your performance data, insights and trends on a silver platter. With the most advanced, powerful and unique Al and Machine Learning algorithms!

technologY REPLACES GPS!

With the high-quality Ultra Wide Band Technology of our INSAIT KS LPM system, your club will improve in every way! For example, to replace the inaccurate and malfunction-sensitive GPS trackers.

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Prior to every training and match, the players receive a tracker. They wear these on the arm with a bracelet or in a vest on the back. The trackers are ultra small and light and therefore do not hinder the players. If the bracelet is worn, the tracker also automatically measures the heart rate, which prevents nuisance from the vest or heart rate belt

Afterwards, system automatically synchronizes the data without the players having to do anything.

COACHES: BEtter choiches through real-time data

The INSAIT KS LPM system is easily operated using an iPad App. During training and matches, the App provides real-time data on the physical performance of the players, heart rate and pass performance, as well as tactical data.


With the daily input of the performance of all players, the technical management of the club has an overview of the level of the entire academy at any time. Through Technoleon, she has ready-made, crucial information for planning and choices regarding scouting, progression and playing style development.

Compare player and team development
instant insight into performance and goals on a weekly base
Compare and profile players
Analyse pass, dribble and interception performance
Compare periods off (a) match(es)
Compare players and benchmarks

The only mobile and fixed LPM system with smart ball data

Fixed LPM System with smartball & charger
Mobile LPM system

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