Models & Data Analysis

Use our data models for specific performance goals like injury prevention, running economy, maturity influence, or let us develop your customized data models

We can help you transform your data set in applicable models. The models can be used to improve your players immediately on the pitch. All we want is to help you to improve your football.

Customized models based on your data!

In collaboration with Sport Data Valley Lab we are able to create customized models based on your wishes! Get in touch with Forward Football and let’s analyze your data in a split second. Football improvements for your first team or youth academy can be applied directly on the pitch. Get in touch!

Club Scan

Much more is expected from football clubs these days. Not only technical and tactical awareness is important but also mental, health and physical aspects.

Forward Football helps clubs to get insights in healt status and physical performance with the club scan,

We will analyze your team fitness with GenGee Insait KS and hand-out a player report. These reports are specifically made for clubs, trainers, parents and players. The results of each player will be related to the average of their age-group so recommendations for improvement can be seen easily.

Does your club want to get insight health status, fitness status and individual strengths of their players? Get in touch with Forward Football and click on the button below for more information!


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GenGee testdays at your club?

Great that your club would like to improve football in cooperation with Forward Football. Before we are able to measure your players at your club. We will need some general player information.

You can download our ‘player info sheet‘ at the button on the right. The form contains:
– Player ID (TeamName)
– Full name
– Gender
– Shirt number
– Birthday
– Height
– Weight
– Position

Please look carefully at the ‘sample sheet’  in the download to fill in the ‘player info sheet’ correctly! 

If your physiologist has obtained all information you have your first data set and are able to upload the form at the other button.

We will contact you if all data is uploaded well.

We are looking forward to measure at your club and improve football together!

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